My Story

My Story
My name is Jimmy Chen, and I’ve been a professional trader since 2008.

My BIGGEST breakthrough as a trader came when I found out about the Wall Street Mafias who manipulate the markets every single day – and have been doing so for decades.

The reality hidden from the public is that the top players in Wall Street work in conjunction with the media to manipulate the prices of EVERY market, and they are RIPPING YOU OFF!

When I finally figured this out, EVERYTHING changed for me as a trader – I finally began to place my money on the WINNING side of the trades – CONSISTENTLY.

And now, after more than 8 years of PROVEN results and a successful track record, I’m on a MISSION to expose this truth – and help you PROFIT from it!

Are you ready to dive deeper into the rabbit hole and learn exactly how to trade so you’re on the winning side of the BIG BANKS ploys…and profit from the TRUTH?

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You see, I’ve always loved the excitement of ‘Cracking the Code’.

After graduating in 2005 from London with a computer degree, I dove into various money making ventures that allowed me to use my ‘code-cracking’ skills and avoid the drudgery of selling….

I started card counting in Blackjack until that stopped being effective when casinos started to add decks to combat it…

I then moved to Roulette. And against what you’re told – it IS possible to ‘game’ the roulette system.

But doing so involves a LOT of work finding the perfect wheels under the scrutiny of staff (which was anything BUT fun)…

And finally, poker. After LONG hours playing the edge and with too much luck involved, I finally gave that up after grinding away.

That’s when I found financial trading – and instantly fell in love:

☑ Work from wherever I want
☑ Not have to be a salesman
☑ No boss, no staff, no inventory
☑ Huge liquidity (Forex market alone has more than US$5 trillion daily turnover)
☑ Scalable – (It’s the same effort to trade $10,000 as it is $1M)
☑ Recession proof – (In fact, I made some of my best money during the recession)

So I went all in to become a professional trader and live my dream lifestyle doing what I LOVE – traveling and experiencing the world!

But for months, all I did was bang my head against the wall.

I bought all sorts of online trading courses, invested in gurus, systems, indicators…

And NOTHING worked.

Trade after trade, I could see my funds were withering…

My at-first iron-strong confidence kept sinking…

What if I lost all my money and had to admit defeat?

There was no way in HELL I’d go back and beg for my job back like a beaten puppy!

And just when I was on the brink of losing hope…I GOT it.

I finally saw behind the smoke and mirrors…

I could finally see the TRUTH behind the markets!

Fast forward to 2008 and I had become a professional trader.

Since then, I get to travel and experience the world without having to worry about money, I work when and where I want to and I’ve set myself up for quite a comfortable future.

And it all changed when I finally got the REAL answer to the MOST important question in trading:

“What moves the prices in the market?”

If you thought “demand”…the good news is you’re only half wrong.

But that half makes ALL the difference.

Want to know what it is?

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I hope you’re ready for an awakening, because you’re about to see the TRUTH behind the lies you’ve been fed by the crooked Wall Street mafias that are RIPPING YOU OFF…